Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Instrumental Disk - Sounds of Cayman

In January 2013, Linsey A. Daman went to Grand Cayman with her center to research the tropical flora and fauna of the island.  What she found was even more rewarding; the personal experience of being among several of the world’s remaining Caymanian Blue Iguanas (Cyclura lewisi) which are endangered and on the IUCN (International Union for Conversation of Nature) Red List.  While on Grand Cayman she was able to spend quality time with a few bottlenose dolphins which inspired her work.  The following tracks were recorded on the island and are composed of drums, the caj√≥n, maracas and Flamenco footwork.  Each photo used in this disk is an original taken from her research on the island.  Additional Sound Credit: Partners in Rhyme  

Availability: Directly from CAC St. Louis or Amazon.com
Price: $14.99

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