Saturday, January 15, 2011

St. Martin – The Kapok Tree

Originally from Africa, these trees were introduced by the slaves. St. Martiners considered the kapok tree as the tree of spirits. It was associated with spiritual powers and one would find objects to do with the supernatural beneath its roots. St. Martiners are still reluctant to uproot these old trees today.

For more information regarding St. Martin, please call (636) 938-5074.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Psycholinguistics – The Psychology of Language

Psycholinguistics – The Psychology of Language (10 Week Series)

The Cultural Arts Center of St. Louis, LLC will be offering a 10-week series on Psycholinguistics – The Psychology of Language held on Monday evenings starting Jan. 17th at 7pm. The classes will be centrally located in Kirkwood; please call for location details Office Line: (636) 938-5074

Only $25 per session/each session is a “stand-alone session” which is independent from each other.

Course Description:

Psycholinguistics – The Psychology of Language

Psycholinguistics is the study of the processes involved in language including acquisition, comprehension, production, pragmatics and discourse. Linguistics is the study of language including its properties and functions; however we will take it a step further to understand the psychology behind what we say in daily conversation. To begin we will start by defining language and its six properties. We will then venture into internal and external factors that have a pivotal role in our neurobiology. We will also define the four components of language which are phonemes, morphemes, syntax and discourse. Moreover, this course will introduce psychological, sociological and anthropological research and theories on the structure of language and language processes, including speech perception, word recognition, meaning representation, comprehension, production and language acquisition. The focus will be on empirical studies on these topics.

Psycholinguistics II will immediately follow the first series for those interested in continuing their education.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

International Presentation – December

Both Activity Directors

After the Presentation – In the Lobby

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Around the World

CAC St. Louis, LLC presented “Christmas Around the World” on Dec. 30th at 7pm. A special thank you goes out to the staff of CAC for photographing this event.

Introduction to the International Presentation